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Coffee, CBD/Cannabis Oil, sea swimming and intermittent fasting.

I would be wrecked without all of the above in various doses depending on the moon cycle. I am a new mother, ever changing, feet firmly rooted in the present, heart on the horizon, teeth in my back pocket, head in the washing up bowl. The sleep regression is breaking me, piece by piece, into hundreds and thousands of pieces. Stop the carousel of motherhood I would like to get off, right?

When he sleeps… I blog! Or I do 8903580393 chores at once.

Guernsey is catching up with the rest of the world and Cannabis oil is available at The Original Alternative, hosted and presented by the extraordinarily talented Karin. Guernsey is very lucky – without the CBD and Cannabis oil I would be a mummy-monster.



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Mother Hooooohd!

Five months and two weeks.

Ever on the road of change.

Ever grounded in the present.

Heart on the horizon.

My undoing.

All of my being.

Ever in awe of all who have mothered before me, all who mother with me and all who will follow.

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Wear more jumpsuits.

The Holly Willoughby Marks and Spencer’s jumpsuit!

I scaled down my 2019 ambitions, desires, goals and dreams… I was pregnant at the time I made my New Year’s resolution. It had to be smart, achievable, relevant. So, to wear more jumpsuits was the winner. And I am winning with this khaki Marks and Spencer’s Top Gun style jumpsuit – it fits me in a size 10!! Amazing. I love it. I will probably wear it until it falls apart at the seams I love it so much.