Love, sweat & magic

This year I have kept a journal of all of my sweataliscious exploits – exercise! I recorded all of my rebel circuits, ice cream truck  sprints and squat goals. I enjoy keeping score. I like to keep a close eye on myself.

The cold hard stats:

-150 workouts this year
-Daily walks
-Fastest 5K 30:09 mins/secs!
-Longest run 7.64k along the Guernsey west coast at sweat-oh-clock (we aimed for 8k but took a short cut somewhere along the way back to the car park)

Lessons learned:

Spirulina helps

♥ Collagen powder is good for crabby knees

♥ Pay for expert advice in how to strength train – technique is important

♥ Know when to rest

♥ Push yourself – you are stronger than you feel

♥ There is safety in numbers-invest in a set of healthy, active, motivated, inspirational friends who like to get outside and get sweaty

♥ Exercise is a pleasure not a chore (this is easy to forget if you are training for the wrong reasons)

♥ Exercise beats the blues!

♥ Strength training and being able to do proper push ups increases confidence and bolsters self esteem more than a number on the scale or a dress size

♥  Get a body composition report to know what you are really dealing with (how you feel about your body compared to what your stats tell you can be at odds)

♥ One day I will be able to do side plank leg raises… Failure is a BIG part of being a leaner, meaner squat machine. I am always stronger than I was yesterday! If I am feeling defeated I switch it down to something I can win at (-that’s not a sweat crime!).

I enjoy Fitness Blender, Bob Harper and Popsugar for guided sweatfests. And I keep in mind that I am working out because it’s good for my body and mind – not becuase I want to look like Gladiator Jet from the early nineties. I have signed up for a 10K run with Guernsey MIND Charity in September to give myself something to keep working towards. Where love flows energy goes. When sweat flows self esteem glows. When magic happens during a workout and 8 proper push ups feels good and you catch yourself in the mirror looking like Rocky Balboa is your real Dad, that makes your confidence blossom and bloom.

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2 thoughts on “Love, sweat & magic

  1. JB West says:

    Wow! You have some great accomplishments to record. Good for you. My secret to side plank leg lifts (I’m a 68 year old personal trainer): First, FOCUS. Tighten your abs and glutes, make sure you are in a straight line, look straight ahead (not down at your feet because that can throw off your balance). Don’t worry about stacking your feet (place heel to toe) to get balanced because you will be raising your top leg anyway. Don’t worry about how high how or how long–that will come with practice. I hope this helps. Good luck. You can do it.

  2. roseloispresley says:

    Thank you! 🙂 I will keep at it!

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