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Greetings from the Channel Islands..

Two thousand and sixteen is in bloom. There are daffodils on the kitchen windowsill drunk on sunshine. There are chicken bones having a long hot bubble bath, with added local coriander and rosemary, on the hob ( And there is still a month’s salary in my bank account a week before pay day! I am also two months into a group strength training programme with Tri-Fitness in Guernsey. I can do things that I’d never done before in the gym and it feels good. It is a phased exercise programme and the week-on-week progress is uplifting and motivating. There are no icebergs in sight, so far, but I keep watch. Anything could jump out and bite me in the ass, sinking all of my good efforts into an unseen, unexpected black hole, at any moment.

Life is a lot less stressful. I didn’t wake up one day without any stress. And I don’t always see stress coming until it’s gone. I do know that I have worked my heart out over the past many years, to work through my problems and issues. This life is the combined efforts of many failures and mistakes, lessons and learning.

I still live in fear that I will wake up one day financially destitute. So I am cautious and wise and paranoid that I not being cautious and wise and paranoid enough with my spending habits. The fear of being a financial train wreck haunts me.

Since I gave up gluten I have found my reason to be in the kitchen. Food no longer wants to make me rip my intestines out ,with my fingertips clawing for them at the back of my throat, after every meal. I no longer get the shakes when I am preparing food and I love the art of throwing together a healthy, balanced, nutritious meal. I sometimes spend all day in the kitchen. I enjoy kitchen mess. I like getting my elbows dirty.

But kitchen experiments can be expensive. Cooking with what’s leftover, so effortlessly achieved by Nigel Slater, is not easy. And it is expensive. The butternut squash burgers that the Happy Pear ( made were a fucking disaster. And I hate wasting food but learning new recipes and experimenting (with what has had its time in the fridge/cupboard) can be wasteful too. Being rebellious in the kitchen also comes at a price. My mother told me to always follow the recipe and the sage old owl is right time and time again.

I invested in a Magimix blender and a juicer after watching a documentary about a guy that juice fasted for 60 days and that made him look super sexy. I can make my own soup – which over time will my bank balance and my digestive system will thank me for. The juicer is brilliant (thank you amazon for a hearty discount) and I feel brilliant after a half pint of broccoli, kale, apple and carrot in the mornings.

Onwards and upwards!

I just finished reading the Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey – a very good read. And similar to the tv series ‘Ascension’ which was also rather good.

“Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but … life … finds a way.” (Jurassic Park)