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I got the big beat.


Fix Up  Look Sharp!

Hello, FWFG TRUTH Day 20!

I feel like I  finally arrived at 2018!

I’m feeling like Madonna circa 1990s, desperately wanting the fame, notoriety and wealth to run through Saumarez Park, flanked by bodyguards.


I had a hypnosis session at The Cure Clinic yesterday morning, and I had session 5 with Badrul at the Meridian Clinic, Guernsey, in the afternoon. I feel like a new woman! I did some YWA TRUTH sessions by candlelight in the evening, burning the Nag Champa and Neom gloriously hard, kindling and tending to the fire within.

My hypnosis session was like a kaleidescope of rainbow vegetable-visions and big, bountiful, bouncing sunshine balls of happiness and self-love. I felt more confident to use the cosmological and phenomelogical space creatively, rummaging around respectfully and re-ordering my inner world and internal universe, constellation, galaxies and finely re-tuning my heart-strings. There’s no ordinary way to describe hypnotherapy at The Cure Clinic, it’s a magical abyss that re-births worn-out and old ways of being and feeling. I heart it a lot.

For dinner we had locally foraged scallops, and some ginger/garlic/lemon courgetti peas. The day had a luscious zesty zing to it! I do feel fixed up and sharp.I had some QT with the treadmill today, to glow with sweat, for the sweet release jogging (like I am Madonna in the 90s flanked by body guards) gives me.

If somebody told me that raising my vibrations was a life goal I would have scoffed it off as b*llsh*t ten years ago. But it’s a home truth. After days like yesterday I feel my vibrations and inner energy circles, rhythms and rhymes, harmonise and fall gracefully into new places. It’s deliciously divine way to get into the groove, and feel the big beats. It all feels like travelling for a holiday without moving.

I keep taking myself back to beinspiredyoga’s New Year’s Day session,  grimacing my way through my first ever Wheel Pose and collapsing into an ecstatic heap!


I’ve been shimmying and armpit-licking my way into 2018 with Adrienne every day. Raising my vibrations and getting weird. Feeling surreptitiously outrageous. Popping and clicking my 35-year old creaky-bonies into place every day on the mat. I get the feeling that by day 30 I will have clicked everything into place. I feel humbled. Am I am grateful for the first 21 days of 2018. BTW my knees-are-good-knees-are-good, less sugar = less crepititus for me hooray-booOOya!!

Journalling through it all is good to do, some days you forget where you mind has been going. It’s good to draw a map and leave breadcrumbs for rainy days where you might feel stuck indoors, feeling like a wet playground, emotionally.

For the Spring Equinox I have booked a detox retreat… Now, that’s what I call Radical Self-Love!!! #thankQGalaDarling



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“Fifty years ago doctors identified Candida albicans as a frequent cause of vagina, mouth, throat and gastrointestinal tract infections. Now it’s well know to affect all body parts, organs, tissues and cells. Research physicians suspect Candida as a complication in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a contributor to early death in various forms of cancer, a source of infertility in some women, and a mischief-maker in other medical tragedies such as multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, schizophrenia, and arthritis. On rare occasions yeast overgrowth results in pneumonia, meningitis, and similar devastating body invasions.” The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify and Treat the Real Cause… ~By John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., Morton Valker, D.P.M.

No matter what we do, we’ll never rid our bodies of Candida. Candida albicans occurs naturally in nature, in the soil, on vegetables and fruits and in small quantities in our mouths, intestines…

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I have started the Truth 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene (along with thousands of other yogini peaches around the world!). Raising my vibrations this year with beinspiredyoga, Guernsey on New Year’s Day and the 30 day programme. I gifted myself a three-wick Neom candle for the journey, it’s a happy ritual that I used for the first 30 day programme I did with Adriene #FWFGTW!!

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