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“The truth will make you odd.” ― Judy Blume

“Just being in a body, is a state of rapture. You know? Just being here is cause for celebration. It’s also a cause for grief too. But grief is also a form of joy. The rose celebrates by falling apart. Foil by foil falling to the ground. And the cloud celebrates by weeping.” (Coleman Barks, ‘I am’ directed by Tom Shadyac)



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The art of asking

I was introduced to the Dresden Dolls by an old University friend that was working at MTV Studios, in Camden London, circa 2004. Amazing music; this Cabaret punk struck a whitty chord during a period in my life when self-harming was as habitual as brushing my teeth before bed-time. I lived on Camden Road, in a cockroach infested flat that had a coffin in the lounge and disgustingly pornographic collected&found artwork delicately tacked onto these black velvet lined walls. I worked on Camden High Street. The sink from ‘Withnail & I’ lived in our kitchen. I had moved to Camden after my boyfriend had signed a five/six album deal with Parlophone; I was not a part of the deal. I had a brief fling with a guy that looked and talked like Eddie Redmayne who was heavily involved with the Ordo Templis Orientis and a novice practitioner of sex magic. The Dresden Dolls were a perfect fit. Me and my misguided youth embraced the words, the sentiment and the music of Amanda Palmer. Now, a decade later, her words and story reach deep into my chest, striking a chord that will reverberate, hours, days, weeks on after.

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Meditations about being the change that people wish to see in your world; Spending time on Herm Island, Belvoir Bay, Channel Island with three generations of kindred women; Eternal gratitude for the magical cosmos that we ride like porcelain painted ponies on a grand, cosmic carousel, round and round, all out of kilter, time; Peace and pearly wisdom that you can taste on the tabula rasa road ahead.

“Give me release
Witness me
I am outside
Give me peace
Heaven holds a sense of wonder
And I wanted to believe that I’d get caught up
When the rage in me subsides”

(‘Silence’ – Delerium)

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