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Notes to self for future preg-n-angst-seas…

  • Keep exercising and walking through the ligament pain in the second trimester – don’t let it slide! One of my biggest regrets during pregnancy was stopping exercise in the second trimester. Keep exercising as you will need to be fighting fit to thrive and not just survive;
  • Pregnancy and motherhood are a complete surrender – let go of everything, replace the space with love. So many people around you will try to feed you with fear and scare you at every step of the way, don’t let them (you won’t make a rod for your own back by trusting your intuition, and most of what you hear is bullshit from the 70s or 80s – we know better now!!!)

I choose love

  • Be cautious with the advice you hear, you may hear it at the wrong time. Trust your intuition and the universe. Tune in and reflect before you act;
  • Fear is a big theme in pregnancy and birth, recognise fear when it comes and acknowledge it, let it go and move love into that space (this takes practise, love is a lifelong pursuit);
  • I hate hearing people warn me about “making the most of precious time with your baby” and “he is growing up so fast!” Because it feels like fear mongering to me… I am amazed every day at the subtle and giant leaps and changes my baby makes, it blows my mind, fills my heart with song and dance, and leaves me feeling in awe of the wonders of Mother Nature and creation. I love it!! Motherhood has anchored me firmly into the present – the last poo, the nappy situation, looking out for tired cues and toting up naps to see if my beautiful little lion man has had enough snoozes if he’s had a big day exploring a new part of the world…. You are fully present and grounded, when anchored to the simple and basic principles of responsive parenting – let other people be fearful that they are too busy to spend time with you in the beautiful moments and months that follow birth. You show up for every moment, as you are and it is sublime;
  • Do something magical and esoterical during pregnancy to strengthen and nurture the bond between you and your womb rider ( I had a two hour pregnancy yoga class each week from week 20 and a few Cacao ceremonies with Healing Hands Guernsey) I had a premonition/ vision of meeting my baby for the first time during yoga, it was amazing and came true;
  • Here are the alternative and holistice therapies I had when I was pregnant and postpartum: Reiki, Reiki massage, cranio-sacral therapy (with Andre), Cacao Ceremonies with Lucia at Healing Hands Gsy, Lymphatic massage with Pamela Abreu and Reflexology/nutrition with Grace at the Natural Health Clinic;


  • Get a second washing machine, all you will do is laundry so you might as well go balls to the wall on it;
  • Let go and surrender all of your needs, aches and expectations spiritually, emotionally and physically through a practise that can hold you in freely in space and time, virtually suspended, for at least 20 minutes, on a regular basis;
  • You will feel isolated and alone most of the time, even when you are around lots of people (you will feel ignored and alienated);
  • You will feel alone in your journey as a mother, unless you surround yourself with other mothers;
  • Have Lots of reiki – the furnace and fire of creation burns brightly, it is fierce, motherhood is intense. I could have shadow boxed a concrete pillar, too easily – your teenage pubescent effervescence will come back and give you the right, royal willies!! Woozles, beware!
  • Make time to cry hearty, lungfilling, traffic stopping tears of rage, joy, emptiness, grief and nothingness (crying for no reason is good, crying consciously for all of the above is a spectacular cellular event);
  • Don’t let anybody buy you “adult style” clothes for your baby – your baby is a baby, denim is a no-no (let them be babies and dress like babies!!);
  • Love is love, so rainbow coloured clothes are most welcome;
  • We like Frugi clothes the best!
  • If you are coming round or see us anytime in the fourth trimester go gently, with kindness, empathy and love (we are all at our most vulnerable);
  • Do something amazing on the last weekend of your pregnancy (I already know that I will be having a planned c-section);
  • Book a photographer that takes non-intrusive, natural and real photos of you all, those treasures will be a good investment;
  • Get a snuzzpod (snuzzpod envy is real);
  • Get a sleepyhead (sleep is not underrated);
  • Keep it simple, scale it down – you’re a mother!
  • Cacao, CBD oil and cannabis oil are amazing – a marriage can disintegrate if you fight over the small things when tanks are running on empty.


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