Monthly Archives: March 2016

Easy like a Sunday morning…

I saluted the first day of spring with a colour run along Pembroke beach – Guernsey’s first ever colour run! So much fun. All treadmill runs should start or end with a glorious rainbow bath of coloured powder, are you with me?

Oh, in five years time…



My thigh tattoos are five years old! Louise Brooks and Norma Jean have been with me for some time. Happy Birthday!!

I always feel like I have an interesting blog to write and then all of the words come at once and I don’t know where to start…

Today I have been beach walking. I am also getting the hang of making chia breakfast pots (as these seem to please the tummy Gods).

Last week I did 50Kg on the squat rack and I am almost at a 30 minute 5K. Although far from childhood dream material, goals are important.


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