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Last night I dreamt that I was at a maternity ward/newborn baby photoshoot venue. The vicar and I had a chat about all sorts, and he told me to eat red onions and lemons. He also gave me two sets of car keys to help me out, and after feeling the weight of the keys in my hands, I handed those keys back to him because I said that I had enough wheels. It was a young vicar, he was very helpful and I felt spiritualized talking to him, charged and empowered. I especially liked that red onions and lemons were sent to me as a message in my dreams and was delivered by a vicar. The universe inside of me moves in mysterious ways! Hallelujah, praise be and blessed be many red onions, and super sour and tarty lemons.

Last Sunday, I came across Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Session with Gabrielle Bernstein and found myself in floods of tears, unexpectedly, as the story chimed with what was going on inside of me, below the creaky floorboards of my ‘business as usual’ consciousness… Ouch!! Bernstein cut right through me with Her Story about her heavy aching desire for motherhood.

“You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise” (Halsey)

I’ve been practising being assertive. It doesn’t come easy. I was practising this in my dreams too, last night I was speaking the truth I see, think, and feel to a crowd and an individual that I felt needed to hear what I had to offer. Fear was at the heart and root of my failings to be assertive. I’ve been pushing out all of the boats in the boatpark, tiptoeing and hurdling bold outside of my comfort zones, and feeling through all the the deep rooted feely fears and going for silver and bronze medals in speaking my mind respectfully! In small measures, little by little, over a period of good time. The art of assertiveness, by experiential experimentation to measure overall effectiveness, is an interesting life pursuit! I’ve also been using the above Widsom and Miracles Cards (by Louise Hay and Gabrielle Bernstein).


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